I was hired by SPI International to help them focus the direction of a newly launched music channel called 360 Tune Box. The channel was envisioned as a premium product and an alternative to the prevailing mainstream music channels. My vision was to create a video driven program equivalent of forward thinking blogs such as Pitchfork, xlr8r, Fact Magazine, Dummy, Gorilla vs Bear etc. In the first stage I wanted to concentrate on quality music and over time I planned to work to ensure that the actual videos presented are top shelf as well. Since the music video is making a proper comeback, I wanted to celebrate this beautiful and potent format.

During my stint with 360 I assembled an extensive database of independent labels, which I contacted personally to initiate a long term collaboration (Ninja Tune, Young Turks, FoF, Mute, Warp, Tru Thoughts, Project Mooncircle, Sup Pop, King Deluxe, Monekytown, Bpitch, 4AD, Peacefrog, !K7, City Slang, Compost etc.) . I also put together a list of major label artists with an edge, which I thought the channel should support as well. During my stint with the channel I launched videos by the likes of The Internet, Foreign Beggars, Son Of Kick, Little Dragon, Jesse Boykins III, Robot Koch, Bonobo, Wiley, Jahcoozi, Machninedrum, FaltyDL, Slugabed, Emika, Gessafelstein and many more.

Unfortunately, it turned out that the channel was not registered with any of the collection societies and the prolonged process of regulating their status in regards to artist and label royalties, prompted me to suspend all of my activities.