My dear friends from the 44flavours collective had asked me to write a manifesto / press release for their project, one that they could use in place of a traditional artist biography. Instead of working with the standard format, I opted for a dictionary–like, shorthand list of definitions – each one referencing and re-contextualizing niche-specific vocabulary. By using jargon associated with web-design, networks, open source technology, natural sciences and techniques that are usually associated with writing, I was able to paint a textured picture of the collective’s philosophy and their methodology. The finished press release is available below.

44flavours:  ever unraveling, prismatic, modular, organic and hypertext infused. Spontaneously re-organizing the zeitgeist flotsam, through up-cycling and the use of traditional hand craft techniques. The equivalent of a highly adoptive organism, methodically exposing context through reflexive use of a camouflage vernacular. A tension generating fusion of high and low-brow content, with strategically implemented omissions eliciting observer complicity. An open source code framework capable of sustaining collaborative scripting efforts. A methodology intended to elucidate/question/undermine the underlying inter-connectivity of what appears to be an exponentially increasing fragmentation.