I’m really happy to announce that I was  just appointed as the Artist Relations and Communications Manager at MNTN. MNTN is a software and audio engine that literally made immersive / 3D audio production and playback available to just anyone producing music. It’s easy to use: it works with just about any music production software, you can use headphones to produce thanks to the binaural emulation, and what’s crazy is that you can design your own speaker array for up to 64 channels and overheads. The 64 channel limit was only implemented because this is currently the maximum amount of channels that standard computers can process in real time. This will, of course, change with great computing / processing power.

My mission with MNTN is to facilitate great projects in sound production, performing arts, cinema etc. – which also happens to be the official angle for MNTN. I’ll be supporting artists, labels, festivals, performance, and exhibition spaces with access to 3D production and playback technology, as well as the know how. I’ll also be working closely with festivals and media outlets to feed these projects back into the cultural media-scape. Interesting times ahead.

PS: You can download a Beta version of MNTN, with a 30 day license, here.