Working with Bass Sekolah was great! We achieved all our core objectives in terms of high profile media exposure and achieved them on the strength of a single EP, only! The fellas make really deep, soulful music and they received beautiful remixes from their talented friends: Phon.o, Daedelus and Perera Elsewhere. The fact that the project also has a great core narrative, i.e. that the guys make electronic music in the middle of the Malaysian jungle, didn’t hurt either.

Here are some of the results: Okayfuture, Vice – Thump, xlr8r, VIVA tv, Tape tv, DataTransmission, Lodown Magazine, Intro MagazineThe Formant, Witness This, Juice Magazine, Complex Magazine, Turks And Underdog, Class Street, Jazz SoulGlassWerk, The Dankles, Vanguard Red Magazine, Fashion Music Lifestyle, Sicario Tv, Lost In The Supermarket, Soul You Know, Dan Digs, Brooklyn Radio, Le Disco Lab, The Basement XXX, etc.