It was such a good year for me professionally, in that I got to work with so many incredibly talented and unique artists. I also had the privilege of turning down a lot of jobs where I just couldn’t relate to the music. What better way to summarize the projects I got to work on than putting out a mixtape? I don’t always have the time to thoroughly document my work here, so I figured this can also serve as a short-form documentation of some of the projects that might have slipped through the cracks.

I’m definitely going to stick to this format and keep feeding this mixcloud channel in my spare time. Maybe eventually this will also lead to curating soundtracks and music compilations. It’s stuff that has been on my list for a minute, but that I just didn’t do anything about to date.

The mixtape features songs by: Brandy Butler, Lucia Cadotsch / Julian Sartorius, Oliver Grimball, JPTR, Cella, Aeli / Deft, Dubokaj, Crying Vessel, Ja Ja Dickicht, Yeah But No, Odd Beholder / Kalipo, Egopusher.