One of my key contributions to this project was quality control. I helped the group focus their ideas, kill a few half-baked videos and, on occasion, pushed an edit that extra 10 percent (ironed out the flow, resolved the “3rd act” etc.). But the thing that I’m most satisfied with is being able to help them create a definitive narrative for the project, one that strung together and framed all the different guises of their artistic output and also their unique modes of operation.

When the record was finally out, it was great to see the mainstream media, mainly in Switzerland, really soak it all up (and they were covered by some of the most important daily newspapers there!).  Along the way I also handled a bit of the international press for the record, mainly the video and track premieres. Here are some : xlr8r, The Line of Best Fit, Nothing But Hope And Passion, Colorising, The Monitors, Fame Magazine, Who Knows, hhhappy, Indie Music Review etc.

PS: I really love and the people behind it. Regardless of what happens with this project in the future, the work the made so far will definitely stand the test of time.