At the end of last year Dejot approached me with the latest version of a record that he cut from the songs be brought back from his residency down in Joburg, South Africa. It was a very ambitious mixture of experimental club songs and more poppy vocal driven anthems, but ultimately the whole thing sounded more like a mixtape or a patchwork record than an album, it didn’t flow. I suggested that he should make 2 different versions of the record rather than to try and fit everything on one (he had 40 songs to choose from). In the end he sequenced Holowez, the more personal and experimental record of the two. I got to sequence Uhujano, the more radio friendly version – full of vocal features. I got the biggest complement for my work when Tshepang Ramoba aka RMBO of the mighty BLK JKS said to Dejot, after hearing Uhujano: “this sounds like a real record, not a compilation which is what most of these type of records sound like.”

The media response was great: xlr8r, Bandcamp Weekly, Okayafrica, BBC Radio / On The Wire (Steve Barker), Datatransmission, NNW Radio / The Wire (Shane Woolman), Highsnobeiety,11plus3, Pan African Music, Music Map, Polityka / Polifonia Blog, Djolo, Nowa Muzyka.