I really enjoyed this one! Thank you Mouthwatering! I got to work closely with Daniel aka Dubokaj in defining the core narrative: the correlation between the Swiss cult of mountain echos and Dub music. Daniel was also open enough to accept the suggestion to name the record Alpine Dub, as it was the simplest, most potent way to encapsulate the story. The crowning jewel of the campaign was arranging for a sit down interview / conversation between Daniel and Lee Scratch Perry for Electronic Beats, which btw. was their key feature that week! We were also very close to having a talented writer, often featured, in Pitchfork doing a feature on the development of Swiss Dub, in light of the echo cult – the feature was approved, but fell through because of scheduling problems. Here is some of what we scored along the way: Electronic Beats Magazine, mixtape and feature for Lodown, album stream premiere for Spex Magazine, interviews for Fame Magazine, Brooklyn Radio, SoundWall, and podcast for Mixology.