Some jobs are just hella fun by design, and rolling with the fellas from Egopusher (Alessandro Giannelli & Tobias Preisig) was definitely that. The highlight was being able to help the extremely talented visual artist Benjamin Muzzin to create a semblance of a narrative in his video for the song Flake (to outline a series of distinct scenes and to have a beginning, middle and a proper end for the entire piece). We were limited by rendering power and time, but the video definitely made a quantum leap from the initial draft to the final version.

The media response to the release was also great: xlr8r, Noisey, Spex, Create Digital Music, Lodown Magazine, Witness This,  Intro Magazine, Beat Magazine (print), Colorising, Plyty Niesluchane, Music Map, FAME Magazine, The Record Stache, Earthings,