We were asked (Pol Ponsarnau and I), by artist Graciela Maria, to develop a concept for a video for the song ‘Black Lament’ – the single preceding her sophomore LP ‘Olvido,’ released by Project Mooncircle. This song, like the whole LP, is very dark, blue, and densely introspective. It’s also a full on analog affair and a departure from the overproduced, electronic sound of her debut. To capture this textured, lo-fi aspect of this release we decided to go for a destroyed, underexposed VHS look. We shot at a small church outside of Berlin. The video is a Polacos production, it was directed by Pol Ponsarnau. Extra creative contributions regarding styling and props came from a talented team: Rina Matsui-Houghton, Gesa Johanna Roskamp, Miren Oller, and Helder Rölle. Outfits featured in the video were supplied by fashion company Mikenke.