This is the official press release for the fashion label Homecore, which I wrote for designer Alexandre Guarneri:

The Paris-based menswear label of Alexandre Guarneri is more of a tailored philosophy for a smart urban gentlemen than just another brand. Created almost 20 years ago, Homecore has been steadily delivering quality and evolving, all the while cultivating its subtle, yet unique signature. Homecore garments are literally about freedom – the freedom to choose, the uninhibited freedom of a man’s body in motion, and of course, the fundamental freedom – to be one’s self. They’re about energy: energy as the thirst for life and the commitment to live life inspired. They’re about good posture and healthy, deep breathing.

Homecore clothes are made with all natural fabrics and materials. The cuts are developed for comfort. Each line thrives on a broad palette of colors, and yes, it was a conscious decision to avoid using black – Guarneri calls it color therapy. However, the full depth of the label is expressed in aesthetic embellishments and details found on individual garments. A stitch freely running down the back, serves as a simple reminder of our spinal axis and its proper, healthy position. A leather cord, used as a belt, applies pressure on the sacrum, where our center of gravity is found. Other signifiers, such as crossing threads, tag Chakra energy points found on the body. Additionally every garment includes a label with a life-affirming message such as TODAY I WILL TELL YOU THAT I LOVE YOU.

In developing new collections, Guarneri always aspires to create the perfect wardrobe for each season. In the summer, cotton and linen are often the choice fabrics, wool is usually delegated to winter. Homecore makes chinos, jeans, sweaters, button-up shirts, blazers, jackets and coats. All products are currently produced in small ateliers in Portugal. The company operates two flagship stores, located in Paris and Berlin. Individual items can also be purchased in select boutiques scattered around the globe: Opening Ceremony–New York, Hang Loose–Seoul, Ready Steady Go–Tokyo, Traffic–Moscow, Pez–Madrid, Autograph–Birmingham, Merci–Paris etc.