Hands down, this is the release of the year for me! And it was such a great joy to be able to work on something so fragile and personal. I am also honoured that Jan had made space for me to focus his visual output. From talking with him I knew that he wanted the music to speak for itself and that he saw himself not only as a creator, but also someone equal to all the other listeners, as this material is all improv based, so it was just much a discovery for him as it is for anyone else. Taking that as the main cue, I came up with the idea of taking a series of photos of Jan where he is always looking away from the camera, passing through the frame or sharing the point of view of the viewer. The photos were not only to embody the core narrative but that, also, by virtue of never showing Jan’s face they would also eventually become a recognisable brand element. For the press photos I enlisted Gene Glover. For extra article specific photos Jan brought in Benjamin Schäfer. The album design was handled by the ultra talented Bahar Büyükkavir, who,  brought beautiful, neo-classical elegance to the final product.