This is the direction that initialsLP will be taking more in the coming years; I’m planning to do more image development jobs and concentrate on promo tool development and new ways of presenting music (multimedia and object design). This particular project was about a full image overhaul for the Jazz outfit Kaos Protokoll. I had a great and talented team to work with: Animisiewasz Start was handling the design and Brigitte Fässler of Fässler & Horst the press photos.

The briefing was simple: this record is about “the search” on multiple levels, and this new record is a new chapter for the band, one about growing up and being taken seriously. I suggested that we call the record ‘?!!’ to symbolize these questions or the entire search and I also thought that having something that’s already visually grounded to work with will help the band with visibility. I limited the color scheme for the entire project to a saturated Renaissance palette: a dominating and all encompassing black with some white, red, violet and a dash of silver grey. The aim was to have a simple code to tie everything together in the end and come up with something classy, reduced and cohesive. I told Maciej from Animisiewasz to think of how we could merge the simplicity of those early modernist posters, especially the ones playing around with geometric figures, with the more stark minimalism of Post-Punk covers – and long story short: Maciej killed it! I still hope that we’ll be able to produce posters, as I would love to rock one!