Nothing beats working with dear friends! How to put what we did with bandleader Benedikt Wieland into words? We worked on translating his ideas into visuals. We defined a clear narrative for the entire release, one that connects the music, the visuals, the press release and the strategy and hence creates a cohesive work. We also did a lot of structural work which I hope will come to fruition as Kaos Protkoll 2.0 continues to evolve. For the press photos I commissioned Gene Glover. The design was handled by Sven Fortmann of Lodown Magazine. I figured that since we’re dealing with a new chapter for Kaos Protokoll and since by the virtue of the band pretty much being almost a totally new outfit, that the image of walking into the forest should be the key image for the release. The campaign is still ongoing, so I will post the results when it’s finished.