We were asked by Warner Germany to make a music video for the Tua remix of Maxim’s hit single ‘Meine Soldaten.’ The idea was to make a piece to give another push to the single, which at the time was a few units shy of certified gold in Germany. We watched the video for the original, and since it visualized the lyrics face value, we decided to go for a simple but beautiful metaphor. The song is about trying to escape the memories of a love lost by deploying intricate, military like defense mechanisms – and the inevitable failure of the attempt.The first thing that Pol came up with was that the main character in the video will be running from something terrifying, which we will never see. This invisible force will be pulling on him trying to break his step, and once in a while it will literally snatch a frame from his body freezing an image of him dead in his tracks, as he continues to run. I thought that this was a brilliant illustration of how the mind works when you’re traumatized by something and trying to escape the thought, and it was also very dreamy archetypal image.

To embellish on Pol’s metaphor I suggested to inter-cut this escape sequence with an image of a female Kyudo archer getting ready for a shot. Kyudo is a Japanese martial art rooted in the practice of Zen Buddhism. An archer must clear his/her mind before releasing the arrow. The ‘ritual’ preparation for a shot is very beautiful formally and because of this we decided to stretched it for the duration of the entire video. It is only at the very end that the arrow is released and although the main character is never in the same frame with the archer or the arrow, he finally stops running.

The video is a Polacos production. It was directed by Pol Ponsarnau and creative directed by yours truly.