Sometimes you don’t have to do much to make amazing things happen, serendipity just takes the reigns. When I took over the Communications post at MNTN, Fredy Knop from HEDD AUDIO hit me up to congratulate me and said that we should talk. It turned out that HEDD AUDIO was just about to enter the market with a new speaker. Note to those who don’t about HEDD AUDIO: this is a new company founded by Klaus Heinz, the original founder and designer of ADAM Audio. Needless to say, HEDD AUDIO are at the vanguard of studio monitor design.

After a brief meeting, we decided to partner up, which was a no brainer really, as we’re also about creating true to life experiences of sound. When and where possible we will be showcasing MNTN on HEDD AUDIO speakers. Our mission for 2017 will be to join more music festivals such as LOOP and reach out to artists through organizing labs and performance environments. LOOP was our first collaboration and it was amazing at all levels. The organizers are a generous, amazing bunch. The artists who showed up were blown away at how simple to use MNTN is, and we walked away inspired to reach out more. The full documentation of the event can be found here.