Morgan (Friedrich) and I go way back. Like way, way back! As in Robot Koch was still playing a couple of drum pads on stage with Jahcoozi type back. And Jahcoozi were only working on their demo, type back. Now that’s a minute and change!  I feel very blessed that I can say that I watched Morgan mature as a producer / artist over the years and slowly create one of the most unique sound signatures out there. I can’t front, I also suffered watching him make hundreds of songs (great songs, at that), which he discarded just because he was bored with them and chasing  this illusive idea of a perfect sound. If he would’ve released what he made over the years, by now he would’ve probably had a few amazing records to his name. But sometimes things take time and that’s okay too.

When I heard last year that he finally finished his LP, after more than a decade of searching and experimenting, and that he was actually happy with it – I almost done broke my neck attempting to do a back flip out of the sheer joy of hearing this news. I am very happy that I could help him get his first single/video out. I’m also very happy that Nowness, xlr8r and Intro Magazine recognized what I always saw / heard in his music. I can’t wait for the record to drop!