I’ve been working with Mouthwatering Records for a minute now, at least five or six years. Andreas is a dear friend and a great dude to nerd out with over the music industry business and the hidden mechanics of it all. Looking back on our collaboration, I’m proud to say that I’ve helped him turn what used to be a humble, independent operation into, arguably, the most interesting Swiss label (one accumulating the edgiest young acts) with a truly international reach.

As a publicist dealing with the international slice of media, I scored features for Mouthwatering artists with the most relevant platforms around: The Fader, Clash, xlr8r, Nowness, Booooooom, Electronic Beats, Okayfuture, Okayplayer, Vice-Thump, Vice-Noisey, Complex Media, Spex Magazine, Intro Magazine, Lodown Magazine, Kaltblut, The Line of Best Fit, Data Transmission, Freunde von Freunden, Viva Tv, Mtv, Exclaim, Creem Magazine, Idol Magazine, Faze Magazine, Backspin Magazine, Le Disco Lab, Cyclic Defrost, The Wild Magazine and many more. This was accomplished without any paid content, despite the fact that at the time I was pushing unknown artists, for an unknown label, with limited resources for video content, and had no social media muscle to use as leverage.

What made this possible was the fact that we stuck it out together on the long term. That Andreas is always open to experimenting with new strategies, and that he lets me interfere in the release development early enough, so that I get to work with the best content possible, of course, within the available budget. I also get to second on potential signings and occasionally bring my own acts to the table (Bass Sekolah, The Dusun Sessions, Take Berlin).

The press I acquired ultimately led to LaSkaar’s signing with the 380 Grad management and PIAS. It’s also a good leveraging point to get the most out of the promo runs in Switzerland. My current objective is to work more on the branding of the label and international positioning, directly.