It was great to work with this eclectic bunch. What the individual members of the group accomplished in the past is part and parcel of music / Jazz history proper. I was contacted by the kind folks at Irascible Music to make a  full image over-haul for the group, and to create  a strong and social media friendly visual ID for this particular record. Unfortunately the resources we had didn’t cover press photos or live videos, and we were limited to making only one music video. I’m still very happy with the results.

The basic idea I came up with was to have something simple and modular. I thought about the visual power of having a record cover that can be joined into something bigger. This is something that allows you to take up more space in shop windows, to achieve greater visual effect. Additionally, this came in handy when the request came to create two additional covers for the singles. In the end we have a nice modular series, with each element relating to the original record cover. The designs were created by the hyper talented Animisiewasz Startt. It’s such a pleasure to work with him every time: easy, telepathic and the results are sickly top!

The video was shot by my good friend and  talented director, Santi Aguado. We also had a great team to push a symbolic budget to achieve something that stands on its own. The cinematography was handled by Theo Solnik, the set design and art direction by Miren Oller, and the styling by Grace Nicholas. The core idea was to illustrate the lyrics in a playful way and in a light weight way blow couple of holes through the superficiality of the fashion world. My take on it was to reference Dada, conceptually and stylistically. In the end Santi gave it his own spin, adding a more comedic, light, charming Almodovar touch.