The kind people at Mouthwatering RecordsĀ  asked me to pen a press release for one of their new signings, the Future R&B duo called TRUE. My main objective was to infuse the text with a color that reflects the group’s sound as faithfully as possible. Here is the result:

Videos, the debut EP from the Swiss duo TRUE, is a bright, shimmering, warm slice of emotionally charged Future-Pop, infused with elegant, classic songwriting. In a way it’s hard to imagine that this infectious, sultry, R&B tinged kaleidoscope of melodies was written and recorded by two classically trained Jazz musicians, but then again, who else could deliver tracks that sound so effortless and bare-bones essential?

The EP was almost fully written through free-form improvisation, in a fall-out shelter somewhere in the belly of Bern. The duo describe the writing process as a form of musical telepathy and a commitment to unadulterated emotional truth. In fact, they decided to call the project TRUE after realizing that practically all of their songs came to life, in one way or another. The lyrics are the only darker shade of blue found on the EP, suffusing it with x-ray poignancy and honest to the bone marrow observations about the pitfalls of human nature. The songs subtly dig into our vulnerabilities and obsessions, and carefully pinpoint the affects of the ever increasing vertigo of modern life and how more often than not, we fail to cope with it gracefully.

Although the instrumentation blends live drums with drum programming and is all about the toasty drones of old school analog synths, the sound design remains all around spacious, sleek and contemporary. This is music packaged for the now, but penned to withstand the passage of time.

TRUE are: Dani (voice, microphone and pen) & Rico (drums, drum machines, synths and sound design).