This was the first “art meets music event” that I co-organized in Berlin. I conceived of the project as a vehicle to give a physical dimension to the 2nd The Tape vs RQM record entitled Public Transport – it was only available as a digital download. The event was curated by 44flavours, Rosa, and the Supalife crew.

The exhibit featured some of Berlin’s finest artists: Klub7, Evol, Baze23, David Hofman, Juju’s Delivery, Rosa, Chin Chin, Aisha Ronniger, Danny Gretscher, Boxi, Tower, and many more. In total over 60 cassette tapes were exhibited. The opening was listed as the event of the day on Myspace Germany, and was at the time, one of the biggest turnouts for Supalife Kiosk. Pictures of the exhibit can be viewed on the Kitty Yo Records photostream.