I was approached by the kind people at Emil Berlin Studios to help them solve a specific communication problem. EBS is one of the oldest studios in the world – you can trace its lineage all the way back to the Emil Berliner, the inventor of the gramophone. They are also the official recording studio of the world renowned Deutsche Gramophon record label, and hands down the best in the capturing performances in Classical and Contemporary genres. They’ve recently relocated to Berlin and created a new product, a studio that uses only original vintage equipment. The set up is purely analog, without a single digital component in the chain, and they can also cut a live performance directly to vinyl.

These products were developed for a younger market, spanning the Electronic, Soul Music, and retro sounding Pop. To position this product properly I opted for inviting Robot Koch to mix his latest EP, which is out on Four Music/Sony, at the new studio, and to document the event with emphasis on technique and equipment. Robot was a perfect match for EBS, as his sound is known for being cutting edge, yet warm and analog sounding. The piece was directed and edited by Pol Ponsarnau, with additional camera work by Yves Kasten. This video was supposed to have been the first in a series, and a jump off for a total branding and communications concept, which I hope EBS will still pursue this year.