It all started with a pitch against Partizan. Pol Ponsarnau and I were pretty sure that we wouldn’t be able to beat their proposal which, we were told at the time, was favored by both the band and the label. I thought that our only chance of knocking them out was to go for something absolutely unique visually, something that hasn’t been done previously in a video format. Inspired by a random photo of a person dressed in all black, shot against a black background, I started researching black on black photography and that’s how I found Juha Arvid Helminen’s photo series Invisible Empire. The characters and the mood he created are breathtakingly intense and very dark, which is why I thought he’d be a perfect match for this song. Juha was open to the collaboration and designed the costumes for two of our main characters; the flying character was designed by Mareike Bay.

The video took 2 days to shoot and required almost 4 weeks of vfx post. The aerial shots, eclipses, the sun’s surface, all of the backdrops, and most flares were all done in post. The ink shots and particle explosions were shot exclusively for this video.

The trailer was edited to show most of the key scenes from the video only as quick flashes against the backdrop of the intro aerial shot. We wanted to give a taste of the full video without exposing too much before the actual premier. The video debuted on Brooklyn Vegan and Vice Germany simultaneously.