Since the first edition was a real success, I was invited back to give the workshop one more time. I modified the original class by expanding the bit on the basics of PR. We also talked more about personal politics and how to incorporate them into visual identity design. The workshop was offered in September of 2019.

NOTE: This is the stuff that every music school should be teaching. This is what artists need in order to survive and make a career in music.

Here are is a list of the things we covered at the workshop:

1.Introduction to content driven PR 
-types of content and visual tools
-basics of long term strategy 
-basics of branding / defining and transferring core visual DNA to all visual content

2. Exploring personal narratives
-exercises to focus personal narratives
-exercises to translate personal narratives into a promo strategy
-exercises to translate promo strategy into visual tools used to execute it

3.  An in-depth look at visual identity
-examining the possibilities of video, graphic design, photos, product design and new media

4. Communicating with visual artists
-creating a project / campaign
-writing visual briefs for designers, filmmakers and other visual artists