This was the 4th Goethe Institut project I got to work on. I really love putting my hands on these as they always deal with far away places and projects with interesting narratives. The story is, essentially, what gives the backbone to a good campaign; that and good promo tools or a solid project documentation. In this case, I got to build on the work that I had done previously for The Dusun Sessions and Bass Sekolah, as this particular Soundlab took place at The Dusun resort, which also happens to be Cee’s  (one half of Bass Sekolah) “jungle studio.” The project featured a host of talented producers, multi instrumentalists and vocalists from the region: Born in Flamez, Nadia Reid, Dizz1, Dea, Vandetta, Darko C, Space 360, Nguyen Hong Giang, Similarobjects, Najwa Mahiaddin, Fook of The Bassment Syndicate, Darren Ashley and Cee of Bass Sekolah. The project was beautifully documented by photographer / filmmaker Lisanne Schulze.

This is a good example of the strength of a prolonged campaign where you fine-tune and expand on a single narrative (in this case: making electronic music in the jungle) and use the press you acquire at each stage as leverage for more media coverage. Here are the results: xlr8r, Vice THUMP, Kaltblut, Electronic Beats Magazine, Freunde von Freunden, Fame Magazine, Lodown Magazine, Complex Media, Brooklyn Radio, Glasswerk, Adequacy, ExBerliner, Ask Helmut