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Dubokaj "Alpine Dub Re Dubbed" LP Promo

Dubokaj “Alpine Dub Re Dubbed” LP Promo

I love working with Dubokaj. This time around I got to promote his LP of re-Dubs and versions. This one was clearly cut for hardcore Dub consumers, so I reached out to the scene and the media that supports it. Here are the results: xlr8r, Reggae France,, So Low Bass, Fat Kid On Fire,...
Dubokaj "Alpine Dub" Online Campaign

Dubokaj “Alpine Dub” Online Campaign

I really enjoyed this one! Thank you Mouthwatering! I got to work closely with Daniel aka Dubokaj in defining the core narrative: the correlation between the Swiss cult of mountain echos and Dub music. Daniel was also open enough to accept the suggestion to name the record Alpine Dub, as it was the simplest, most...