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Bass Sekolah 'The Dusun Sessions' Online Campaign

Bass Sekolah ‘The Dusun Sessions’ Online Campaign

The Dusun Sessions is a collaborative project between Bass Sekolah and their extended musical family (Daedelus, Perera Elsewhere, Phon.o, Housemeister, Skinnerbox). All the sessions for this release took place on location at the Dusun studios, deep in the jungle. This time around I focused on giving the artists involved a proper voice, so I pushed...
Bass Sekolah 'Lighthouse' Online Campaign

Bass Sekolah ‘Lighthouse’ Online Campaign

Working with Bass Sekolah was great! We achieved all our core objectives in terms of high profile media exposure and achieved them on the strength of a single EP, only! The fellas make really deep, soulful music and they received beautiful remixes from their talented friends: Phon.o, Daedelus and Perera Elsewhere. The fact that the...
Bass Sekolah - Creative Direction and Promo

Bass Sekolah – Creative Direction and Promo

Bass Sekolah make music in the jungle, quite literally, as they’re based right outside of the Seremban National Park, in Malaysia. I got a chance to help them sort out their image and launch their first single entitled Lighthouse. I wanted them to have an urban look, but with tropical inflections. For the cover I...