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Odd Okoddo Auma LP / International Online Promo

Odd Okoddo Auma LP / International Online Promo

The kind folks at Pingipung Records brought me on board to promote this wonderful record from Odd Okoddo aka Olith Ratego and Sven Kacirek. Auma brings together the best of all types worlds: a bit of club, Steve Reich type minimalism and dodo, which is a style that originates from Lake Victoria, Kenya. But what...
Oy 'Kokokyinaka LP' – Online Promo

Oy ‘Kokokyinaka LP’ – Online Promo

I was asked by Creaked Records to handle the online promo for Oy’s sophomore LP entitled ‘Kokokyinaka.’ The main challenge here was to create a campaign that unfolds gradually over time and leads to online saturation, while having only a video and a couple of previously published tracks to work with. I managed to secure...