What do you do when almost all parameters are preset by the artist (locations, styling, performance style, choreography etc.)? You work on the style of presenting the footage. This was the case with the video for Take Berlin’s single “Motion”. We had a couple of days to shoot this and a limited amount of Super 8 film, I think it was 5 cans. I chose to shoot on lo-fi film to get that vintage look to complements their analog sound. The use of the the full color tints of the shots was a move to connect the video to their artwork and general visual DNA. Additionally, tinting also allowed us to multiply the amount of shots by coloring different segments of individual shots with different colors. Some of the locations were also quite limited visually, so the modular, animated edit and the use of color gave the video more dynamics and a clear style. The video was shot on the outskirts of Berlin and in NYC. I got give it up to the talented and soulful team who made this video what it is: Ludwig Linnekogel (cinematography) and Gregory Norton (editing and animations).