What I love most about doing promo work is breaking in new artists. But it only makes sense when the music is amazing. And I can testify to the fact that the folk duo Take Berlin make honest, original music that will stand the test of time. The promo campaign was not an easy slice, considering the fact that there weren’t that many promo tools to work with, but I think the results are goo. Here are some of the portals that featured Take Berlin: Paradigm Magazine, The Dadada, The Wild Magazine, Buzzine, Peace Magazine, Valve Magazine, Cyclic Defrost, Issuu, By Volume, Colectivo, Futuro, Your Music Today, Indios Musicales, For Folks Sake, Music That Resonates, Stylist Berlin, Music You Need, Tone Deaf, UnNomDeGuerre, Heso Magazine, Brooklyn Radio, The Alt Review, Wonderlace, Carminelita Radio Show, Unfamiliar Frequencies and more.