In most of my classes I cover a bit about press photos, videos, cover design, stage design etc. I wanted to see if I could go more in-depth and focus a single promo tool. It worked! Below you’ll find the in-depth description of what we covered in class. We were blessed to have 2 photographers in the group, so outside of theory, we got to shoot some simple press photos. Each artist had 5 minutes with each of the photographers. Here are a couple of photos from the shoot.

Donna Maya & The Cat’s Back by Alexandra Howard ©

Things that we will discussed during the course:

  • different types of press photos
  • press photo as a narrative or media strategy 
  • finding a suitable photographer
  • choosing a suitable photo style to match the music / concept
  • prepping a photo shoot: locations, styling, camera presence exercises
  • choosing the right photo
  • creative post production