I was invited to give a master calls on Music PR and visual development by Prof. Heiko Freund from the Pop Department. I had a really nice and mixed group, mostly students from the Pop Department, but also a few from Classical. I started the class with a bit of music industry history to contextualise the development and functionality of the visual promo tools. Then we looked at modern content-based promo, using current examples.

The second half of the class was dedicated to practical exercises which emulated the type of work that a real label and/or branding firm would do on any given release. We used the new record from Haubi Songs – a project from one of the class participants – as an example. The students were divided into three groups. They had to analyse the release based on criteria such as: emotional affect, genre references and key narratives. Based on this they created a visual brief and mood board, detailing the art direction for the project. Finally, they worked on conceptualising promo tools that would entail new media tools such as VR, as well street level guerrilla style interventions.