In terms of the depth and volume of work this is up there with the work I did for Kaos Protokoll, also this year. I consulted these soulful fellas on pretty much everything to get a self-released EP off the ground. I covered the basics of label work, communication, brand identity, product development etc. I hooked ’em up with a designer (Animisiewasz aka Maciej Grochot, BTW who did a fantastic job) and, along the way, I even scored a partnership for  them with another bunch of soulful cats: the clothing label WEMOTO. This ended in a t-shirt collab. And, finally, I worked on their online campaign. And boy did we make a dent there! Not only did we score the Bandcamp Weekly,  but that EP was also included in the list of the year’s best Hip Hop releases! It was listed alongside Ghostfacekillah and Mick Jenkins! Other media highlights include: COMPLEX, Lodown Magazine, Lefto’s Sunday Radioshow, The Find Mag, BackspinBrooklyn Radio, Djolo, Music Map, FAME Magazine, Vice Noisey (playlist), Word Is Bond, Bristol Funk (playlist), Smooth Hip Hop (playlist) etc.