This was a collaboration that came about organically. My partner Pol Ponsarnau and I were shooting a video piece for Bitwig, around the same time that I was working on Tolcha’s ‘Neustadt’ LP campaign. After the presentation of what was still an unfinished alpha version of the software, I was convinced that Bitwig and Tolcha would be a perfect match. Tolcha is by far one of the techiest bands that I know, constantly building their own hardware and creating their own hardware-software solutions to meet their specific production and live performance needs. Bitwig on the other hand is a software that is all about customization and creating a framework that gives musicians endless possibilities both front and back end.

The collaboration already led to the creation of a series of sound banks called Tolcha Studio (+ name of instrument), which were recorded at the band’s studio using select vintage instruments from their generous collection. The band was also actively involved in all phases of software testing. The potential for a solid long term partnership is there, now lets see what the future brings.