Hydra Records Japan approached me recently about a making a music video to promote their artists AZZXSSS and their new full length entitled Universal Century Dub. The idea was to make something that stylistically relates to the cult anime series about the giant robots know as Gundam, but without actually showing the robots. The licensing fees for the use of anything Gundam related are simply too monstrous.

To give extra depth to the video I asked the 44flavours collective to build a giant interpretation of a Gundam robot head. The robot head was built inside of a warehouse like studio using painted cardboard, wood, and plexiglass. We shot the finished piece using low key atmospheric lighting with slow track shots. In the next stage the Robot head along with the actual studio space was rebuilt in 3D and a sequence of it exploding to bits was created. Finally, the footage was processed using different kaleidoscopic mirror effects.

The video was directed by Pol Ponsarnau, the visual effects were created by Eusebi Malvarez Lopez.The final clip was used in a cross-marketing campaign alongside Gundam inspired clothing company Strict-G. The video and short snippets were screened on those larger than life tv screens over the streets of Tokyo and in Strict-G and Gundam related stores.