I was invited by the kind people at the Schweizer Musik Syndikat (The Swiss Music Syndicate), a government funded organization supporting musicians, to give a 4 hour workshop about  visual identity development for artists and specific releases, in the context of a greater promo strategy. The workshop covered: the basics of branding, the history of visual identity in the music industry (withe emphasis on functionality of tools in a specific context), pinpointing and translating a core narrative into  a visual id, the essentials of creating a cohesive visual id, and the challenges of branding and contextualizing music in the digital world. The workshop was a great success and I will definitely continue giving these, however, in the future I would like to make full workshops around very specific themes such as: the music video, communicating with designers and filmmakers, how to write a visual id. brief, the power of object design in marketing music, the basics cover and logo design, and the future of visual identity for musicians (with emphasis on new multimedia formats).

PS: The Tommy Guerrero cover featured in the post was used in the presentation to show the possibilities of collaborating with artists representing the zeitgeist, in this case Steve Powers aka ESPO, and using these collaborations as a way to reach other media channels (design, art etc.).